The Collaboration

The WHIL collaboration builds on nearly a decade of independent UVa/Univen community-based endeavors throughout Limpopo. The WHIL framework is distinct because of

Sustained focus on one broad, community prioritized topic
Long term engagement with two specific communities
Coordination with communities through Univen’s Community Engagement Directorate
Trans-disciplinary participation by a core group of faculty at each university

WHIL has worked hard to establish and nurture “infrastructure” for international research and collaboration to keep a sustained commitment between Univen, UVa, and our partner villages. We have developed working practices for sharing information, student mentoring, formal ethical research reviews, and all the logistical arrangements for student and faculty transport, security, and housing. We alternate US and South African travel almost every six months to maintain face to face communication, supplemented by phone, email and Skype.

After the 2009 research season the team jointly developed a communication protocol to facilitate interactions of faculty, students, and the communities, cultural orientation workshops, and in the hiring of two coordinators—one for UVa students in country and one at UVa to facilitate UVa/Univen project logistics and communication.

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